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Waveshare 3.5 LCD Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi B / B+ - Black + Blue a975got tbd b page 5
Connect to Raspberry Pi B / B+ directly - Can DIY w/ mobile power - Supports Raspbian system allowing your system to support video play touch camera control and soft keyboard Specification - Interface: SPI - Touch control chip: XPT2046 - Color: 65536 - Backlight: LED - Size: 2:3 - Power consumption: TBD - Backlight current: TBD - Working temperature: TBD - Pins: 3.3V / 5V; GND TP_IRQ (touch panel) LCD_RS (Instruction / data register select) LCD_SI / TP_SI (LCD display SPI data input) TP_SO (SPI data output) RST (reset) LCD_SCK / TP_SCK (LCD display SPI clock signal) LCD_CS (LCD select signal choose LCD at low level) TP_CS (choose touch panel at low level)
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