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NEJE HB0001-17 Decoder Locksmith Tool Lock Picks for Ford Tibbe / Mondeo - Silver as43 74264b53 bb lock assy for ford
Specificationsя╝Ъ Ford Tibbe Pick Decoder locksmith tools lock picks 1 .Best locksmith tool 2. Easy to use 3. Best pricefast deliverybest service Ford Tibbe Pick Decoder locksmith tools lock picks The Pick head has been designed exactly the same shape as the Mondeo key and will be much easier to read out lock code. There's a scale on the pick (e.g. 1 2 3 4) the 4th disc it the fixed disc. Do not need to open the lock it will be very easy for you to read out the key code to make the new keys. It's not only easy and convenient to operate durable for using but also be very available for both brand new locks and the old locks. Material: Every parts of the pick head is made from the stainless individually .The whole pick weld after plating so it will prevent the pick from rusting in the biggest limits.
1430.75 руб.