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MOLEX 4-Pin 1-to-3 Splitter Power Cable (20CM-Length) cable 18cm 2 way 4 pin psu power splitter cable lp4 molex 1 to 2 drop shipping cabo 17july18
The MOLES 4-pin 1to 3 splitter power cable is perfect to add extra power outlets to your power supply for connecting Serial ATA hard drives and CD ROM drives. This adapter cable converts the 4pin power connector from your PCs power supply into two 15 pin connections suitable. This adapter cable convert 1 MOLEX 4 pin internal power connector into?3 x 4 pin IDE connections. - Color: Black + Red + Yellow - MOLEX 4-Pin 1-to-3 Splitter Power Cable - Cable length: 20cm
112.05 RUR