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Within Temptation: The Silent Force Tour (2 DVD + CD) cd the who my generation remastered
Live concert: Java Eiland, Amsterdam: 01. Deceiver of Fools 02. Stand My Ground 03. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) 04. It's the Fear 05. Forsaken06. Angels07. Towards The End08. Memories09. Intro10. See Who I Am 11. Aquarius12. Pale 13. Jane Doe14. Caged15. Mother Earth16. Candles 17. The Other Half (Of Me) 18. Ice QueenLive concert: Live 05, Finland, 2005: 01. Memories 02. Angels 03. Stand My Ground Live concert: Werchter, Belgium, 2005: 01. Ice Queen 02. See Who I Am 03. Stand My Ground Music Video's:01. Stand My Ground 02. Memories 03. Angels
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The Beatles. Help! Original Recording Remastered (LP) cd the who my generation remastered
The Beatles. Help! Original Recording Remastered – уникальное ремастированное издание альбома 1965 года популярной группы.
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Feist: Look At What The Light Did Now (DVD + CD) cd the who my generation remastered
Look At What The Light Did Now Documents The Journey Of Feist's Grammy Nominated Album The Reminder. This Poetic Film Pulls Back The Curtain To Reveal Intimate Partnerships With The People Feist Calls Her 'Amplifiers': The Photographer Who Helped Her Hide Within The Frame, Shadow Puppeteers In Hockey Arenas, An Artist Who Built A Thread-Radiating Mural, The Video Director Who Conducted Fireworks, The Pianist Who Guided The Recording Of The Album, And Other Musical And Visual Collaborators. The Film Follows Feist And Her Supporting Cast Through An Impressionistic Array Of Flickering Scenery, Echoing Stadiums, Puppet Workshops, The Red Carpet, A Crumbling French Mansion, Definitive Concert Performances And Uncommonly Candid Interviews. Itself A Part Of The Creative Mosaic It Portrays, Look At What The Light Did Now Illuminates The Synergy Of Collaboration, Art As Magnifying Glass, And The Power Of Trust. Live Performances From The Reminder Tour 2007-2009: Limit To Your LoveSecret HeartHelp Is On It's WaySo SorryThe Water Live Performance From "The Living Lantern": This One Jam With Chilly GonzalesThe Water (Short Film)Departures (Short Film) Music Videos: 01. I Feel It All 02. 1234 03. My Moon My Man 04. Honey Honey
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The Beatles. The White Album. Original Recording Remastered (2 LP) cd the who my generation remastered
Издание альбома The Beatles. The White Album. Original Recording Remastered содержит карточки с фотографиями и постер с фотографиями и текстами песен на английском языке.
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Charlie Caruso Understanding Y cd the who my generation remastered
The ultimate expose of the Misunderstood Millennials Understanding Y is a fresh and incisive book that offers a better understanding, appreciation and awareness of the Millennial generation. In this groundbreaking work, author Charlie Caruso has amassed a diverse array of papers, articles and journals from prominent individuals, noted entrepreneurs and bestselling authors who collectively explore how Gen Y thinks, interacts and works. Understanding Y gives insight into the generation and examines their motivations and passions. Understanding Y: #andYyoushould provides a refreshingly comprehensive and candid account of the current disconnect between reality and perception surrounding the Millennial cohort. The impressive list of contributors and collaborators each bring their unique insight to explore the myths, facts and motivators behind this generation. Contributors include notables such as David Burstein, author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World, Ryan Heath, author of Please F* Off: It's Our Turn Now, Bernard Salt, author, demographer and social commentator; and many more. Discover how to motivate, lead, inform, educate, integrate and collaborate with Millenials Learn what experts have to share about the psychology that drives Millenials Uncover the motivators and passions that excite this up-and-coming generation This is a book that offers anyone who interacts with the Millennial generation a humorous, educational, statistical, theoretical and conversational journey for connecting with Gen Y.
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