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EGAN Брюки-капри egan egan gi09t 3
креп, без аппликаций, одноцветное изделие, высокая талия, regular fit, брюки-бананы, молния и пуговицы, множество карманов, карман на молнии, брюки чинос
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Egan Pierce New series of Boxiana. Vol. 2 egan egan gi09t 3
Полный вариант заголовка: «New series of Boxiana : Vol. 2 : being the only original and complete lives of the boxers : dedicated to His Grace the duke of Wellington / by Pierce Egan».
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Egan Pierce Boxiana. Vol. 1 egan egan gi09t 3
Примечание: Боксиана. Биографии боксеров. Полный вариант заголовка: «Boxiana, or Sketches of ancient and modern pugilism, from the days of the renowned Broughton and Slack to the championship of Cribb. Vol. 1».
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If you could See Me Now egan egan gi09t 3
Издание полностью на английском языке. Elizabeth Egan is too busy for friends. As a reluctant mother to her sister Saoirse's young son Luke and with her own business to run, every precious moment is made to count. But with Saoirse crashing in and out of their lives, leaving both her sister and her son reeling, Luke and Elizabeth are desperately in need of some magic. Enter Ivan. Wild, spontaneous and always looking for adventure, in no time at all Ivan has changed Elizabeth in ways she could never have imagined. But is Ivan too good to be true? Has Elizabeth opened her heart only to risk it being broken again? As for Ivan, he thought he was there to help Luke not Elizabeth - or himself...
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If You Could See Me Now egan egan gi09t 3
Readers and critics alike adore Cecelia Ahern for her lighthearted yet insightful stories about modern women and their often unusual situations. In If You Could See Me Now, she takes that theme a step further, offering us a heroine who is entirely believable, and the new man in her life who is, well, slightly less so. Elizabeth Egan?s life runs on order: Both her home and her emotions are arranged just so, with little room for spontaneity. It?s how she counteracts the chaos of her family - an alcoholic mother who left when she was young, an emotionally distant father, and a free-spirited sister, who seems to be following in their mother?s footsteps, leaving her own six-yearold son, Luke, in Elizabeth?s care. When Ivan, Luke?s mysterious new grown-up friend, enters the picture, Elizabeth doesn?t know quite what to make of him. With his penchant for adventure and colorful take on things large and small, Ivan opens Elizabeth?s eyes to a whole new way of living. But is it for real? Is Ivan for real? If You Could See Me Now is a love story with heart - and just a touch of magic.
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William Egan F. Advanced Frequency Synthesis by Phase Lock egan egan gi09t 3
The latest frequency synthesis techniques, including sigma-delta, Diophantine, and all-digital Sigma-delta is a frequency synthesis technique that has risen in popularity over the past decade due to its intensely digital nature and its ability to promote miniaturization. A continuation of the popular Frequency Synthesis by Phase Lock, Second Edition, this timely resource provides a broad introduction to sigma-delta by pairing practical simulation results with cutting-edge research. Advanced Frequency Synthesis by Phase Lock discusses both sigma-delta and fractional-n—the still-in-use forerunner to sigma-delta—employing Simulink® models and detailed simulations of results to promote a deeper understanding. After a brief introduction, the book shows how spurs are produced at the synthesizer output by the basic process and different methods for overcoming them. It investigates how various defects in sigma-delta synthesis contribute to spurs or noise in the synthesized signal. Synthesizer configurations are analyzed, and it is revealed how to trade off the various noise sources by choosing loop parameters. Other sigma-delta synthesis architectures are then reviewed. The Simulink simulation models that provided data for the preceding discussions are described, providing guidance in making use of such models for further exploration. Next, another method for achieving wide loop bandwidth simultaneously with fine resolution—the Diophantine Frequency Synthesizer—is introduced. Operation at extreme bandwidths is also covered, further describing the analysis of synthesizers that push their bandwidths close to the sampling-frequency limit. Lastly, the book reviews a newly important technology that is poised to become widely used in high-production consumer electronics—all-digital frequency synthesis. Detailed appendices provide in-depth discussion on various stages of development, and many related resources are available for download, including Simulink models, MATLAB® scripts, spreadsheets, and executable programs. All these features make this authoritative reference ideal for electrical engineers who want to achieve an understanding of sigma-delta frequency synthesis and an awareness of the latest developments in the field.
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Kraftwerk: And The Electronic Revolution egan egan gi09t 3
As innovative as they are influential, Kraftwerk's contribution to the development of electronic music since their formation in 1970 remains unsurpassed. Having inspired everyone from Bowie to Coldplay, Siouxsie to Radiohead, this bizarre collective has also proven partly responsible for entire genres to emerge - electronica, techno and synth-pop to name but three. This DVD reviews the career and music of Kraftvverk, from their inception in the late 1960s (as pre-Kraftwerk ensemble Organisation), through their most celebrated period in the mid-1970s, and culminating with their resurgence during the 1980s with the popularity of synth-pop and techno. The film further explores how Kraftvverk both fitted into and pulled away from the electronic wing of what is often lazily referred to as 'Krautrock'. Sparing time also for many of the group's contemporaries from the same field, and tracing the unfolding of electronics in German contemporary music generally, this programme presents a fascinating story previously untold on film. Features Include: Rarely seen live and performance footage of Kraftwerk and of other Electronic and 'Krautrock' bands - much from private collections. Exclusive and extensive interviews with; ex - Kraftwerk members Karl Bartos and Klaus Roder; other German ambient and electronic musicians, Dieter Moebius (Kluster/Harmonia), Hans Joachim Rodelius (Kluster/Harmonia), Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream/Ash Ra Tempel /Solo), Wolfgang Siedel (Eruption/tangerine Dream/Kluster), Conrad Schnitzler (Kluster/ Solo) and Klaus Lohmer (engineer, Kraftwerk album) Contributions, review and enlightenment from German academics, writers and journalists, Professor Diedrich Diedrichsen (German Sounds), Ingeborg Schober (German Sounds), Manfred Gillig-Degrave (Stereoplay, Audio, Musikwoche) - and from the UK, David Stubbs (Melody Maker, Wire), Mark Prendergast (author The Ambient Century), Edwin Pouncey (Sounds),David Ball (Soft Cell/The Grid), Rusty Egan (Visage/The Blitz Club) Rare photographs of Kraftwerk and others Live and studio recordings of many of Kraftwerk's pivotal tracks, including; Ruckzuck, Kling Klang, Autobahn, Radio-Activity, Trans Europe Express, The Robots, The Model, Metropolis, Pocket Calculator and many others Live and studio recordings of many other bands from the 'Krautrock' movement
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Таль механическая ЗУБР ТШ-3-3 43081-3 egan egan gi09t 3
Максимальная нагрузка: 3000, Длина троса: 3, Привод: механический, Тип устройства: таль, Макс. высота: 3, Вес нетто: 22,64
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