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PI070ATF P1070ATF TO-220F koziol 2980583 pi p
PI070ATF P1070ATF TO-220F
62.55 RUR
Heacent P003PI 3D Printers Dedicated 3mm Filament PLA Print Materials - Pink (1kg) koziol 2980583 pi p
Molding materials for 3D printer Material: PLA diameter: 3 mm net weight: 1 kg the best melting point temperature: 190 degrees Celsius suitable for makerb / reference / Mendel and other commonly used models.
2348.33 RUR
PI3L720ZHE P13L720ZHE 720ZHE koziol 2980583 pi p
PI3L720ZHE P13L720ZHE 720ZHE
93.55 RUR
PI3VEDP212ZLE P13VEDP-212ZLE QFN koziol 2980583 pi p
108.2 RUR