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TL-S501E Coaxial Cable Stripper Plier - Deep Blue spmart coaxial cable stripper coax stripping tool for rg59 6 7 11
tem: Specification: Product name: Coax Cable Stripper for RG6 RG7 RG11 RG59 TL-501E Usage: Stripping and cutting Color: Blue Length: 5.4"(137mm) Net weight: 75g Cable type: RG59/62/6/11/213/8 UTP Advantage: With spare cartridge Material: Steel plate+plastic Supplier: Alibaba 10th year Gold Supplier Advantage: With spare cartridge
414.37 RUR
TL-332 2-blades Model Rotary Coax. Cable Stripper - Grey spmart coaxial cable stripper coax stripping tool for rg59 6 7 11
Brand N/A Model TL-332 Quantity 1 Piece Color Grey Material Plastic + tool steel Other Features Stripper blade pitch 4mm; Wire stripping range: can peel the 3-4-5 cable wire stripping 4-10 mm in diameter also can peel reticle. Advantages: simple operation a successful can strip the cable wire core and braid; Mini size and exquisite portable multi-function removable die set the structure of the double pole piece knife deep adjustable can adapt to a variety of specifications coaxial cable stripping specifications: RG6 (5 c2v) and RG58 (3 c2v) RG59/62 c2v (4) RG174 Packing List 1 x Stripper
313.6 RUR
TALON TL-352 Professional Wire / Cable Cutter and Stripper Tool - Yellow spmart coaxial cable stripper coax stripping tool for rg59 6 7 11
Brand TALON Model TL-352 Qty 1 Color Yellow Material Steel plate + plastic Type Tool Specifications Use on coaxial cable RG59 RG6 RG7 RG11 4p / 6p / 8p round network cable and strips flat telephone cable and twisted cable Application Cable cutter function wire stripper Other Instructions: Push the cassette out of the housing push from the front of the cassette; Cassette is reversible one side is available for GG-59/6 and another side is for RG-7/11; For stripping coaxial cable; Insert the cable until it aligns with the cable guide; Insert your index finger into the stripper's finger ring rotate the stripper by counter clockwise 3~5 times; The cable insulation is cut while you are turning the stripper; Open the jaws and remove the cable. Pull away the outer jacket and dielectric to expose the inner conductor; Stripping distance is designed for 6mm for each dielectric and inner conduct; For stripping round networking cable; Insert the cable into the second stripping hole rotate 1~3 times at counter clockwise and then open the jaw and remove the outer jacket; The black color adjusting knob is for adjusting the blade's depth. Turn clockwise for increasing the blades depth and counter clockwise for reducing the depth; For cutting coaxial cable round networking cable or flat telephone cable place the cable in position and then squeeze the handles; For stripping flat cable insert the cable between the stripper blades. Squeeze handles Cable must be kept perpendicular and then pull from the tool; Insert 4P/6P cable into the two-bladed side of the tool's stripper until it touches the stop guide; Insert 8P cable into the two-bladed side of the tool's stripper and let it extend a little past the lower cut blade Packing List 1 x Cable cutter / stripper
569.69 RUR