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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2013 im Fachbereich VWL - Umweltökonomie, , Veranstaltung: Environmental Economics, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Monetary valuation of environmental goods has by now become the subject of numerous economic books and articles. Interest in the topic seems to be increasing in the economics profession, and theoretical insight, methodological improvements and the numbers of empirical findings are expanding rapidly. The aim of such valuation is usually to incorporate environmental concerns into a cost-benefit analysis. Another purpose is to construct environmentally adjusted national income measures Environmental value estimates have also been combined with macroeconomic models, e.g. to estimate welfare effects of a climate treaty Further, estimated willingness to pay is now accepted in the USA as a basis for legal compensation claims for damages to natural resources caused by spill of hazardous substances (Nyborg, 1996)Valuation can simply be defined "as an attempt to put monetary values or to environmental goods and services or natural resources". It is a key exercise in economic analysis and its results provide important information about values of environmental goods and services. This information can be used to influence decisions about wise use and conservation of forests and other ecosystems. The basic aim of valuation is to determine people's preferences by gauging how much they are willing to pay (WTP) for given benefits or certain env...
Клей Аквенс ENV 7248 / Aquence ENV 7248, 30 кг env
Клей Аквенс ENV 1658-22 / Aquence ENV 1658-22, 30 кг env
Карта сетевого управления и контроля окружающей среды для ИБП APC UPS Network Management Card 2 with Env. Monitoring (HTTPS/SSL, SSH (up to 2048-bit e env
Jean Louis Thuillier Fl. env. Paris env
Frew Hailu The Economic Value of Natural and Environmental Resource env
Jan Olhöft Statische und dynamische Berechnung eines Industrieschornsteines aus Stahlbeton im Vergleich zu Mauerwerk env
Michael A. Braun The development of the Mexican low- and middle-income housing market since the economic crisis of 1994 env

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